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Log-structured protocols in Delos

Micah Lerner
Micah Lerner
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Log-structured Protocols in Delos
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This week’s paper review, Log-structured Protocols in Delos discusses a critical component of Facebook’s system for storing control plane data, like scheduler metadata and configuration - according to the authors, Delos is replacing Zookeeper internally.
Storage systems for control plane data are placed under different constraints than systems that store application data - for example, control plane systems must be highly available and strive for zero-dependencies. At the same time, it is not sufficient to provide a single API (like a simple key-value store) for control plane databases, meaning that several systems need to be implemented according to these requirements. Delos aims to limit duplicate solutions to the problems that control plane databases face by providing a common platform for control plane databases.
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Micah Lerner
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