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By Micah Lerner

Systems Papers - Data-Parallel Actors: A Programming Model for Scalable Query Serving Systems





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Micah Lerner
Micah Lerner
Hello! I’m trying out a new format for paper reviews and it would be great to get your feedback - feel free to respond to this email or reach out on Twitter with your thoughts.

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This week’s paper is Data-Parallel Actors: A Programming Model for Scalable Query Serving Systems. The research describes an actor-based framework for building query-serving systems, a class of database that predominantly respond to read requests and frequent bulk writes. The paper cites several examples of these systems, including Druid (covered in a previous paper review) and MongoDB.
After this week, I’ll be switching to non-database topics for a bit :)
Until next time,
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Micah Lerner
Micah Lerner @micahlerner

I write about papers from the worlds of distributed systems, operating systems, and computer security (among other technical topics!)

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